Ford Audio Technologies: Perfecting Radio and Acoustics on 2017 Models

Ford audio technologies are better than ever before thanks to some recent improvements. Although the modern radio was invented by Marconi in the late 19th century, it’s only now that Ford has perfected it. Specifically, the 2017 Fusion and Escape are getting dual FM radio receivers, a digital audio bus technology, and better acoustics. Any music lover will appreciate these changes. When you get behind the wheel of these Ford models you’ll definitely notice a difference.

Audio isn’t always a first priority for some car shoppers. However, when they hear the sounds coming out of the new 2017 Fusion and Escape, they’re bound to change their mind. Ford recently introduced the first dual FM radio receiver, a system that boosts the range and clarity of FM signals. As part of the Sony audio and HD Radio systems, you’ll have truly clear radio signals.

But How?

“With dual antennas, the broadcast transitions seamlessly. No spits or wisps, and no hearing two radio stations at the same time,” said Andy Adrian, Ford antenna and reception engineer. “The system delivers the clean, high-quality sound you expect from a Ford vehicle.”

Ford Audio Technologies - 2017 Ford Escape Infotainment Center

Other improvements on these models include a digital audio bus system, which reduces the weight and complexity of wiring. There’s also special acoustic-laminated glass on these models, keeping bad sounds at bay while also amplifying your music. Whether you’re a music junkie or you simply like listening to the radio on your way to work; you won’t believe how good audio can be until you drive these new Ford models.

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