Teaching Road Safety: Staying Safe Around Traffic

Teaching road safety is important for all ages. Whether you have young children, preteens, teens, or young adults, it’s never too late to learn about the dangers of traffic. It’s also a good idea to teach some ways to stay safe when you are near traffic or driving. For many kids and young adults, traffic-related accidents are the most dangerous situations they will encounter.

According to Brake.org, you should remember the acronym “ABC.” Always teach young children (under 10 years old) these tips:

  • Awareness – Traffic is dangerous and can seriously injure people.
  • Behavior – There are many ways to stay safe around traffic.
  • Choices – You are ultimately responsible for the choices you make.

Remember that children may have difficulty gauging the distance and speed of a moving car, that they are easily distracted, and they may have difficulty understanding terms like “death” and “injury.” Above all, be patient.

A good tip to remember is to look left, right, and left again when crossing the street. Sometimes we miss things the first time around. When you cross, you are first exposed to traffic from the left. That’s why you should look twice before crossing.

Always cross the street at a crosswalk. If you can’t find one, only cross at street corners. Jay walking is not only dangerous, but also illegal. You should remember to make eye contact with drivers before you cross to ensure they really see you.

Finally, have discussions with older kids and teens. Young adults have the capacity to engage with serious problems like drinking and driving, texting behind the wheel, and the role of public safety. Engaging teens and encouraging them to ask questions is a surprising way to get them to learn.

From all of us at Riverside Ford, stay safe.

Teaching road safety to children
Teach children to obey traffic signals and to always use crosswalks.

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