Ford SUV Factories Lengthen Summer Production

It’s no secret the crossover and SUV markets are booming amid lower gas prices, improved quality, and sleeker styling. While most automakers are seeing increases, Ford’s may be the most dramatic yet. In response to customer demand, the automaker is shortening its summer shutdown period to produce more SUVs.

Several Ford SUV factories will remain operational during the company’s traditional two-week shutdown period this summer. Assembly plants in Louisville, Chicago, and Oakville, Ontario will shut down for one week at opposed to two.

The extra week of operations is expected to generate at least 22,000 extra SUVs to meet customer demand. Models that will be produced include the Escape, Edge, Explorer, Expedition, and Flex.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Ford has shortened the traditional summer shutdown of an assembly plant due to high customer demand. With Ford SUV sales up by nine percent compared to the same time last year, that isn’t likely to change.

The SUV plants won’t be the only one seeing a shortened shutdown period. The Kentucky truck plant will see a shortened shutdown as well due to the launch of the all-new Super Duty truck later this year.

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