Traveling With Pets

Taking an adventure with your canine companion is a great way to bond with both your pet as well as family and friends. Before you hit the road, there’s a few things to take care of to ensure a smooth trip. Here are a couple of tips for traveling with pets from us here at Riverside Ford.

  • Space – Before you take your fuel-efficient car, consider whether your pet and passengers will all be comfortable. If there isn’t enough room, consider taking a larger vehicle that has comparably fuel economy but more space, like the Ford Escape. A cramped, unhappy dog could ruin the trip altogether.
  • Supplies – Even if you only plan on driving for a few hours, make sure to bring a container for water, treats, and a toy or two for your pet. Don’t forget to bring a towel or two and supplies to clean up in case your pet gets sick on the road!
  • Driving – Once you’re on the road, try to keep an eye on your pet. Don’t let them stick their head out the window as a safety precaution and don’t leave them in a hot car. Keep in mind you may need to stop more often as well.

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