Ford’s Electric Unicycle Concept

Filing for patents is a necessity in the modern market, and automakers now take it more seriously than ever. While some choose to open their patents for all automakers to use, others patent a future product, even if it isn’t ready to roll off the production line just yet. Some patents are what you’d expect while others, like the one Ford filed recently, are like something out of a movie.

Ford’s electric unicycle concept is like the batpod from The Dark Knight, but obviously not as outright awesome. It’s certainly still a cool idea, though.

The patent itself is titled “Self-Propelled Unicycle Engagable with Vehicle” and, as you can see by the title, it would be more than just a manual bicycle.

According to the patent, drivers would be able to remove a rear tire and a cycle-like contraption. In all, you’d end up with a seat, sensors, battery, handlebars, and the rear tire. The patent shows that the motor to power the unicycle would be within the rear tire.

While some may argue this type of transportation is out of the quest, let’s not forget that there’s already a working version (complete with montage music).

We here at Riverside Ford are ready to roll with whatever innovations Ford rolls off the line!

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  1. the car of Ford has a good evaluation, but I don’t heart news about its electric unicycle, I don’t know if it is really good


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