Ford SYNC 911 Assist Catches Hit-and-Run Driver

The Ford Motor Company builds vehicles to keep roadways safe. With features like AdvanceTrac® with electronic stability control, adaptive cruise control, and forward collision warning with brake support, Ford technologies try to avoid collisions in the first place. If the worst does happen, Ford SYNC can call 911 through a driver’s phone as part of the 911 Assist® feature. This feature helps first responders find car crash victims quickly, even if trauma has made them pass out.

It seems that the 911 Assist feature could be used to help the police in another way. In Florida, a woman driving her new Ford vehicle allegedly hit a truck and a van, and then she fled the scene. Because the Ford detected that it was in a collision, her Ford SYNC’s 911 Assist feature was activated, sharing GPS coordinates of the vehicle (and the damaged cars) with police. When she was later called by a dispatcher to ask if she had recently ran from an accident, she reportedly said “No, I would never do that”, even though her car had already reported the accident.

To be clear, a Ford SYNC system needs a paired phone that has been specifically set up with 911 Assist to be able to alert authorities in the event of a collision. We believe the bigger lesson here, though, is that if you are ever involved in an accident, stay at the scene and alert the authorities yourself, if you are able.

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