Car Care 101: Spring Cleaning Tips

Car spring cleaning

It’s that time of year again… spring! And with spring comes all of that cleaning you didn’t do in the winter. How about you kick off the cleaning this year with car spring cleaning? Here are some useful tips.

Seats & Carpet

You don’t want to sit on dirt or put your feet on it! Start out using a damp washcloth to scrub away any grime on the seats. Then, use a vacuum to suck up all the dirt that snuck its way onto your carpet.


Your windows can get foggy over time or clouded with winter debris. Use window cleaner and a towel to wash away the fogginess to make them crisp and clear for the spring.


De-cluttering helps you breathe easier and can even help you save gas money (less weight = less gas burning). Throw away all trash from the interior and check the trunk for any extra cargo you’ve been unnecessarily carrying around.


You want your car to look shiny for spring, too, so you definitely wash and wax the exterior of your car. That will not only make your car look nice and clean, but waxing will also help protect your paint. When you wax, just remember to stay out of the direct sunlight.

Now, go get started on that cleaning so you can have a car that looks like new!

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