Celebrate Marine Corps History on November 10

The US Marine Corps has a rich history, and its birthday is right around the corner on November 10. The Continental Marines were first formed in the Revolutionary War by Captain Samuel Nicholas in 1775. Every year the country celebrates November 10 as a day to remember the sacrifices and accomplishments of this formidable military organization. Read on to learn more about the US Marines.

According the hew Marines website, the Marines have served in every major conflict the US has been in. For hundreds of years, this organization has fought for our freedom, and it has among the proudest traditions, symbols, and values. The branch motto, Semper Fidelis (“Always faithful”), is a fitting phrase for such a dedicated group.

The symbol of the Marine Corps is an eagle, globe, and anchor which serves to represent the essence of the group. The eagle stands for the nation the Marines defend, while the globe represents the branch’s worldwide presence. Finally, the anchor points to the naval legacy of the group. Marines are also known for their dress blues and sword, one of the oldest weapons still in service by the US Armed Forces.

These are just some of the things that make the Marine Corps history so significant. Always on the front lines defending freedom, the Marines are truly impressive. Show you respect this November 10.

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